The Repository GE is a core enabler of the FIWARE Business Framework (together with the Store GE and the Marketplace GE). The Repository GE and its reference implementation provide a consistent uniform API to access USDL service descriptions and associated media files for applications of the business framework. A service provider can use the Repository GE to publish the description of various aspects of the service according to a unified description language.

Moreover, the Repository provides a uniform API to perform smart searches over the published descriptions. This API is oriented to service descriptions and media files serialized in RDF formats (e.g a Linked-USDL document) and allows the usage of SPARQL as query language.

This project is part of FIWARE.


Installation and Administration Guide
The guide for Repository-RI maintainers that explains how to install it.
User and Programer Guide
The guide for user and programmers that explains how to browse resources and collections using a web browser, and how to integrate them using the existing APIs.